Brand Network

Brand Network is a celebrity management agency that specializes in the curation, implementation and management of strategic public relation activities that improve brand position, build brand credibility and result in increased Brand Ambassadorship opportunities for our Celebrity and Corporate clientele.

Our services result in connecting brands with relevant talent to ensure effective and continuous brand exposure in both traditional and online media channels. With a key focus on Influencer Marketing, Brand Network provides conceptual strategies according to our client’s requirements. Established in 2017, Brand Network will eventually grow into a specialist agency but still remaining bespoke. From reputation management and PR, to symbiotic partner collaborations and generating opportunities on behalf of our talent, the agency ensures that clients receive maximum return on investment.

Our celebrity division is available for motivational speaking, team building, MCing, corporate speaking, appearances, and panel discussions across all categories.


Jenna Barenblatt

Jenna Barenblatt

Brand Network Director
Jenna Barenblatt is an acclaimed former Deputy Editor at ELLE magazine and has achieved many great highlights throughout her career in the publishing industry. Working closely with the likes of Tracy Pywell and Jackie Burger, Jenna has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in the art of fashion, media and what happens when the two amalgamate. Her greatest achievement at ELLE was bringing musician, Solange Knowles, down to South Africa to shoot a cover story for the magazine. Not only did her and her team manage to execute a world class cover, but she also partnered with Woolworths in securing another ELLE cover shoot with Actress, Zoe Kravtiz.  

“Carpe Diem- Seize the day. Life is too short to wait for opportunity- make the most of a day, live a full life and never miss a beat!”

During her time as a PR Director for a small agency managing various brands and Influencers, Jenna identified a gap in the market for an agency that adopts more innovative PR strategies that are relevant to the changing market. She wanted to create a platform that offers brands maximum exposure using influential individuals with a large audience that brands could tap into. This led to the birth of Brand Network in 2017.

One of the company’s most notable career highlights was being able to have Mandla Mandela endorse Luni Art Gallery by the Royal House of Mandela and secure coverage on broadcast and print media for the launch of the gallery in 2017. Jenna has built her company on the art of networking- hence the company’s name. Like in many other industries, who you know is critical in securing business opportunities with your network. Value is measurable which is a strength that Brand Network can guarantee.