Annalize Sainsbury

Annalize Sainsbury

Chef / TV Personality / Entrepreneur
Having catered for a multiplicity of world-renowned leaders such as the late Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Morgan Freeman and David Beckham to name just a few; Annalize Sainsburg’s outstanding resume has established herself in the forefront of the South African culinary industry. Chef, Entrepreneur and Television Personality; Annalize has harboured an innate passion for all things edible, creative and wonderful. Her illustrious career began in 1997 after she graduated with a Cordon Bleu Grand Diploma from Silwood Kitchen and opened her company, Escoffier Catering as head chef and owner.

The mind is a powerful tool. I believe you can do anything you set your mind to as long as it’s healthy and consistently nurtured.


In 2018, Annalize added another milestone to her long list of achievements. She was selected for the world famous reality TV Show, Survivor SA Philippines out of thousands of avid South African hopefuls as one of only 18 to make the cast on the show. The extraordinary, versatile nature of her character prevailed and landed her in third place in this reality series. Annalize entered Survivor to not only step out of her comfort zone, but relish in the incredible experience of challenging herself mentally.

Survivor showed me a newfound inner-strength that I didn’t know existed, coupled with an immense sense of gratitude for life.

Next up on Annalize’s list of goals is to build a career in the television industry by fusing her passion for food with her new venture into television. Be it her own cooking show or a judge on a reality cooking show; her purpose is to inspire people to lead an extraordinary life through the things they are passionate about. Annalize is currently one of a few world wide selected judges that annually critique the best restaurants in the world. She has also been featured in various TV programmes such as Pasella, Top Billing, Kwela and most recently on BBC South Africa’s Just Cooking with Justine Drake.

I would love to inspire young people to be confident, to live a great life from a young age, to look after their own needs first and to feel confident to be who they are.


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