Bianca Bosch

Bianca Bosch

Actor / Beauty & Fashion Influencer / Health & Fitness Fanatic.
Confident yet inquisitive, authentic, and endearing are all words that can be used to describe actor on the rise Bianca Bosch. A fresh face in the entertainment industry, Bosch made her feature film debut in Netflix’s global hit franchise “The Kissing Booth.” Appearing opposite Emmy Award nominee Joey King (“The Act”) and Jacob Elordi (“Euphoria”), Bosch is a scene stealer as the flirtatious and fun-loving Olivia, leader of The OMG’s; the most popular group of girls on campus. “The Kissing Booth” debuted internationally on Netflix May 11, 2018 and was an instant success, launching its young stars to US and global acclaim. Netflix quickly ordered two more films for the franchise, and “The Kissing Booth 2” launched on July 24, 2020. Bosch recently appeared in “The Kissing Booth 3,” which graced international screens in August 2021.

Born and raised in a small town on the eastern cape of South Africa, Bosch knew from an early age that a career in entertainment was her calling. She grew up in a family filled with culture and love for the arts, her mother was a professional dancer and Bosch started ballet at just four years old. She went on to train in contemporary dance,
competing at a high level until she was 19. While dancing, one of her instructors advised that she tryout for a local production of “Evita.” Bosch auditioned and landed a supporting role in the musical- solidifying her passion and love for bringing characters to life on stage and screen. She decided to further hone her craft, studying at The New York Film Academy and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts for two years. Upon arriving back in Cape Town, she was sent her very first audition for a role in “The Kissing Booth,” a part she would book and has been working ever since.

When she isn’t on set, you can find Bosch staying fit, taking classes in pilates, barre, and working on her certification as a Vinyasa yoga teacher. Bosch is also a strong believer in energy healing, and is training in Reiki, a Japanese healing
technique. While acting and staying fit mentally and physically keep Bosch busy, she recently launched a lighting business called MOODMAKERS, marking her foray into entrepreneurship. The business was inspired by Bosch’s love for interior design, and her desire to curate inspiring spaces that enhance the moods that people want to feel.
On the charity front, Bosch is passionate about giving back to her local communities in St. Frances Bay and Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Her mission is to light a path and inspire women of all ages and from all walks of life to go after their
dreams, and to heal the ones who need it with as much strength, wisdom, and empathy she can give.

TikTok: @biancaboschactress
IMDb: Bianca Bosch

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