Christina Carmela

Christina Carmela

Model/ Actor and Pilot
Christina Carmela born in Cape Town South Africa in 1991, best known for her debut on Netflix’s dating show Too Hot to Handle, which aired worldwide in July 2021.
Raised in Cape Town with her two brothers, she started to model at a young age, winning a few beauty competitions. Her biggest achievement in these competitions was when she made one of the top positions of Miss Italy of the World contest in Venice. Christina is half Italian, half Portuguese in her heritage, which one can tell when looking at her Mediterranean skin, dark hair, her larger than life personality and her zest for life. Her family and friends describe her as ambitious, adventurous and caring.

Christina in her later years moved to India where she was part of some Bollywood movies, TV commercials and did some modeling. Once this time was over, this pretty face wanted to add some air miles to her already flourishing career, and pursued her aviation career.

Christina flew for 2- years in Indonesia for Susi Air. This charter company is famous for flying to the most dangerous destinations- showing once again Christina’s pure drive and ambition and brave attitude she lives life with to this day.
Christina was one out of three females in the whole company, however in 2019 she resigned and took her travels onto Greece.
She converted her license to a European license, and flew this routing for a while, before returning back to Cape Town during Covid.

While in Cape Town she flew scenic tours while she could, as she is so passionate about it, until she found herself being head hunted for a place on Netflix’s show Too Hot To Handle.

Since completing the show Christina has concentrated on her social media platforms and becoming an ambassador for some great brands, and exploring TV show opportunities, while traveling to some exciting destinations from her home base currently in Milan.

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