Jonathan Kaplan

Jonathan Kaplan

Sport Personality
Jonathan Kaplan is one of rugby’s most respected former international rugby union referees, honing multiple achievements throughout his career that spans over nearly three decades. Today, Kaplan is one of the most experienced Test Referee of all time and held the record as the most capped international rugby referee with 70 test matches. Amongst multiple other groundbreaking records, Kaplan’s commitment to excellence in the sport of rugby is really what has allowed him to solidify his legacy as the leading referee of his generation.

“My brand is all about excellence , awareness , passion , values and self-belief. These qualities have led me to become the premier referee of my generation”

“Rugby has a huge amount of untapped potential that is waiting to be reborn”


Following his retirement as a referee in November 2013, Kaplan expanded his reach and established himself as an Author of two Best Selling Books (Call it Like it is & Always Believe in Magic).. Now that his third book WINGING IT in collaboration with renowned author, Joanne Jowell, has been published, one cannot ignore Kaplan’s goal-orientated and tenacious attitude that he injects into every project he commits to.


“A challenge presents no issues for me, in fact, I really enjoy it!”


Having worked as a Brand Ambassador for a number of organizations such as First Nation Bank, Asics, Canterbury, and Seartec to name a few; Kaplan thrives when working with institutions that embody the same goal-orientated values as he does. As Kaplan continues his career as an Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author, he still remains committed to sport through his rediscovered hobby, road running. He has amassed 111 marathons and ultras thus far, including getting his Blue Number 5627 at the Two Oceans Marathon in 2018 after 31 years and his Green number 22512 at Comrades.



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