Nikki Loots

Nikki Loots

Self-love Expert & Mindset Mentor
Self-love Expert and Mindset Mentor, Nikki Loots, is on a mission to help women live a fulfilling life by transforming the relationship they have with themselves.  From doing yoga training in Australia to learning tantra and breath-work in Thailand, amongst many other practices, Nikki’s personal journey of self development has inspired her to create a coaching program that empowers women to build a life they cannot wait to wake up to.

“I’m on an unstoppable mission to raise awareness, inspire and spread the message that self-love is not selfish and every single one of us deserves to have it all. My job is to help women start a rock-solid relationship with themselves so that they can trust their intuition, believe in themselves and take their happiness into their own hands”

With the indelible effect that the lockdown and global pandemic has had on people’s mental and emotional wellbeing, this course teaches you how to find inner-strength, tune out all the noise that clutters the mind, and start to build self-confidence in every area of your life. With over a decade of knowledge in self-development, coupled with the insights she has gained through her travels around the globe, Nikki created this masterclass to impart her learnings to women who need emotional and mental guidance.

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